a forum that is made for all members of InPrison and not only
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 Kanones tou forum/Rules Of This Forum

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PostSubject: Kanones tou forum/Rules Of This Forum   Fri Nov 21, 2008 9:29 am

-Na eiste sigekrimenei se oti grafete
-Na mhn spamarete, ama dw estw kai ena post pou na mhn exei sxesei me to post tha diagraftei.
-Na seveste to atomo pou kanei ena sigekrimenw post.
-Na mhn vrizete oikogenies h iera, ama sas piasw na vrizete oikogenia h iera h xrisimopoihte ratsistikes ekfraseis tha trote 3 hmera ban apo to forum.
-Mhn dw post oso afora polhseis character se server, 8a diagrafete amesws.

Elpizw h dianomh sas edw na einai euxaristh kai na parete plirofories pou xriazeste

Rules In English

-Be spesific in every post you might wright
-DO NOT spam, If any moderators or me find a post that does not belong in the spesific nature of the post, it will be erased
-Respect the person who makes any kind of post
-DO NOT use foul language like cursing someones family or religion wise curses or use racism words, someone who is caught will be banned from the forum for 3 days.
-No character sales from any server is allowed in this forum.

I hope you have a wonderfull time in here, and i hope you get any information that you need in order to use it in Lineage and not only.

Best Regards
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Kanones tou forum/Rules Of This Forum
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